Your Guide To Owning A Doggy Daycare Franchise

More people are open to owning pets in the US than ever before. Approximately 85% million Americans own a pet, and the trends have been fascinating for investors. Also, pet owners are willing to spend big on pets, regardless of whether there is a recession or not. As such, the predictions for the pet industry are great, which has been good news for new investors. If you want to delve into the doggy daycare business, it is important to start right. Experts agree that potential entrepreneurs may get a quick jump start by opting for a franchise. In this post, we are sharing more about investing in doggy daycare franchise.

Selecting a franchise

Not all franchise models are as lucrative, so you need to do enough research on the feasibility of various options. Allow the franchisor to explain why their business model is better than others and check the details based on facts, and real data. Also, you need to select a location, where the doggy daycare business can thrive. In big cities, you are likely to have more customers, but then the competition also increased manifold, and these are aspects to consider, especially because that also determines rent, costs and other expenses.

The love for animals

No matter whether you want to start your own doggy daycare unit, or own a franchise, an affinity for dogs is a must. You also need to have adequate knowledge about breeds, how to handle animals, for which the franchise may offer considerable support. There are also some amazing courses that you can learn, to gain more exposure on dogs and the pet care industry in general.

Be careful with the other aspects

You still need a big chunk of investment to start a franchise. In case of doggy daycare, there are certain aspects that matter more than other things. For instance, you need to have handlers and professionals who are trained and certified, and hiring the best people will need more money. Depending on the location, the rent can also increase, which is again something to consider. The third aspect that needs attention is the range of additional services, which could include dog grooming, pet taxi, and dog walking services. These services work as add-ons and can help you attract more customers. Figure out how you will work out these aspects and discuss with the franchise about the support they offer.

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