Four Benefits of Purpose-Built NVR Systems

Although you can find a lot of options for video surveillance recording and management, network video recorder (NVR) is still the top choice for a lot of businesses. Unlike PC-based recording solutions, nvr security system is easy to deploy and does not require lots of IT expertise to set up. Also, they are ideal for those using legacy infrastructure because of their ability to support analog, IP, and HD cameras without ripping and replacing coax cabling.

This post explores the benefits of purpose-built NVRs:


A purpose-built NVR has embedded software custom-designed for video surveillance recording. Also, it requires fewer software updates than a PC-based appliance with a Windows operating system. It has no software on the hard drive. Thus, replacing it when it goes down is faster and easier.

Moreover, NVRs are also physically secure. They require a key to power them, ensuring only authorized personnel can turn off the recorders and helping protect against accidental shutdowns.


A purpose-built nvr camera system is designed to record video, so it comes with features that guarantee maximum system uptime. For instance, they have hardware and software watchdog circuitry that return the recorder to an operational state after a network problem or power outage. Some recorders have an internal battery backup that ensures a systematic shutdown if a power loss will take place.


Purpose-built NVRs come with many features that make them easy to service, saving time and money. They come with optional docking stations that keep all recorder connections clean and are securely connected to the unit’s back. Should the unit need replacement, sliding the recorder out from the docking station and replacing it takes just minutes.

A lot of purpose-built recorders also have field-replaceable hard drives, batteries, fans, and power supplies. Thus, they can be serviced without leaving your facility. Troubleshooting and identifying if parts are missing is quite easy. The recorder’s status LED lights on the front let you carry out diagnostics. You just read the color of the LEDs to know if a hard drive or fan must be replaced.

Money Savings

Purpose-built network video recorders let you save money. While the initial upfront cost of a standalone recorder can be high, it may last longer and require fewer upgrades over time, increasing the return on investment every year. Also, it makes it less of a hassle if you are cautious about adding devices to your corporate network.

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