What’s Fraud SDK & How Do You Spot It

SDK spoofing is basically a practice of fraud that consists of the fraudulent creation of the legitimate-looking application install & post-install development on an actual mobile device. It’s therefore amongst the most hardest and sophisticated kinds of ad fraud in order to identify, making it even more widely spread.

How do you spot the SDK spoofing?

Recognizing fraud SDK is kind of more complicated to identify than any other kind of ad frauds, the install and event originating from already existing device identification and the behavior generally looking pretty similar to the legitimate install. There’s still a distinct indicator that can point application developers to that:

  • SDK version– This can be the hacking bot that is hiding on the external “attacking application” that will send the clicks and downloads via SDK versions that an application developer hasn’t been using.
  • Spikes in the installs from particular SDK versions.
  • The Behavioral KPIs– With the SDK fraud, the reference is real, the data generated is authentic, however, the install never happened and the user isn’t even aware of what’s going on “behind scenes”.

Well, that’s very much all about the fraud SDK. In order to know more, you may look over the web & learn more.

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