Knowing the Basics of Wireline Services

The oil & petroleum industry relies extensively on wireline services, but what’s a wireline anyway? For the unversed, wireline is a multiline electric cable that is used to transport and suspend tools and other products into a gas or oil well. There is a difference between wireline and slickline – the latter is a single strand line, which is non-electric. The biggest advantage of wireline services lies in precision. Data can be transferred from the well to the surface, and all kinds of equipment can be safely suspended. Companies like Renegade wireline services work with clients in these sectors, to offer tailored solutions. Below is a quick overview of wireline services.

Why do wireline services matter?

Equipment that are used in wells must be maintained, and for that, wireline services are extremely important. The applications of wireline services extend to several tasks that are common in these industries. Most companies don’t want to invest in wirelines, because maintenance is often a problem. Various things in the well, such as residual fluids and mud, can have an impact on the wirelines, and eventually, that can lead to corrosion. Hiring wireline services makes sense for most companies, because it helps them achieve their goals in a cost-effective manner without really worrying about repairs or maintenance.

Uses of wirelines

Wirelines and slicklines are used for exploration and production in the upstream part of the chain. The oil and gas sectors rely on wirelines, and sometimes on slicklines, to get work done, especially when there is a need to create new ones or drill into wells that are now old. From creating holes in tubing to find the level of fluid and taking out any kind of unwanted matter, wirelines and related tools can be used for different operational needs. If objects get lost or settled in the well, the same can be retrieved using wirelines. Data from the well using other equipment can be retrieved using wirelines, which is then used for taking serious decisions. Also, wirelines are handy for taking temperature and other readings from time to time.

Final word

Companies that deal in wireline services offer all possible assistance and support for various drilling and other exploration needs. If your business needs help, find a reliable wireline service that has great reviews and explore what they can deliver with their expertise with regards to your operational needs. There is no denying that slicklines and wirelines are relevant.

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