Know About The Panacol Adhesives

In the following article, you are going to know about panacol adhesives and their applications. You can read the article to gain some informative knowledge about the topics.

Introduction about the panacol

It is one of the leading manufacturers of industrial adhesive in the international market and the adhesive grades of the medical field. There is a huge range of products that has UV adhesives, conductive adhesives, and structural adhesives. All the products have several applications in the industries and many other areas.

Applications of Panacol

There is much application available for the panacol, and you can see the reflection of the application in the product range. The application is as follows.

  • You can use it in optics and fiber optics for the optical bonding and the lens bonding cement.
  • It is widely used in the bonding of electronics, such as bonding in camera modules and the bonding in RFISs. Most of the adhesive used in electronics are thermally and electrically conductive.
  • They are used in fixing the plastic components and in the dome coating.
  • They are used in PCBs for attaching its components.

You can contact the R&D team of the adhesive if you have any suggestions for them.

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