Job Search: Difference between the Traditional and Modern method

There comes a stage in the life of every individual where he/she has to start looking for a job and get started with their own careers or earn some extra income. The time for dependency is at its end and the process of being independent begins once a person is either old enough to work or has completed his/her education.

Job Searching in the previous millennium was done through the means of paper articles and advertisements. Job listings would be posted on a local newspaper or brochures would be put out regarding a job vacancy. These traditional methods were effective at the time but were restricted due to various reasons. It wasn’t possible or even certain that the right target would be seeing the advertisements or brochures put up in and around the area. Also, the newspaper advertisements could end up getting lost in the sea of job vacancies mentioned in the paper on that particular day. These methods worked at the time but there was no alternative available.

Today the whole system and process of looking for a job has gotten a lot easier and quicker. The job search process has gone online, just like a lot of other things have. Online job boards, applications and websites are available today in plenty and these platforms make the act of job searching a lot easier and quicker. From the older options like Craigslist or Linkedin to newer ones like Instawork, searching for a job no longer requires legwork nor does it require a whole stack of papers and phone calls. Online platforms offer us an option to search for jobs that we are suitable for according to our area of expertise, age, experience and various other factors, making it more precise and streamlined in nature.

Applications like Instawork offer:
・Jobs that fit your daily schedule
・Flexible schedules with open-minded opportunities
・Learning important skills
・Getting in-depth knowledge of business specific tools
・Increase chances to get hired in the future

A simple gig system helps you to choose work that suits your timings, choosing jobs that fit your schedule and offer you the remuneration that you require while learning the important skills to build your career becomes easy. Gigs for various time frames and skill sets offer the opportunity to learn and grow and create a personalized set of skills to suit your profile.

Finding the right job and getting the right training helps us maintain track of our goals and ambitions. Everyone has a dream job in mind and every dream job requires proficiency in certain areas, completing gigs related to such areas will help gain the right knowledge and help to build the right set of skills with real professional experience.

The whole process of job search is a lot easier and customized today. Earning some extra income while building a good portfolio will help us get prepared for a particular specialization and also help gain additional skills to act as a bonus in our own areas of interests. Building a structured career and profile will help stand out from the crowd and beat the competition around us. Nothing beats real professional experience, online platforms offer us a proper chance to gain such expertise through the right opportunities

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