Four Factors to Consider when Renting Cranes from a Crane Rental in California

If you have a construction project that involves lifting heavy objects, you need a crane to get the job done. Unless you own a construction company and you will be constructing a lot of buildings, it simply doesn’t make sense to purchase a construction crane. The smarter option is to rent a crane from a crane rental in California. But, car rentals have a variety of models to offer. That is why you must know what exactly to look for. To rent the right machine from the company, consider the following factors:

Load Weight and Size

Consider the weight and size of the load you want to lift and move. Then, pick a crane that can effectively lift your desired load. Getting the right load size will also help you in finding the right rigging accessories like slings, shackles, ropes, and hooks. Crane rental companies in California will give you load charts with load capacity features of the crane. The rated capacity cited in the charts refers to the total gross weight that the crane can lift. You can find the crane’s actual load-bearing capacity by deducting the weight of the rigging accessories from the gross weight.

Height Requirements

If you have a multi-storied project, consider the lift weight of the crane. The load charts present the boom length and capacity details. Aside from the vertical movement, you must also move the heavy equipment and material horizontally. Thus, you must know the horizontal distance the boom can cover. Cranes vary in their boom lengths, lift heights, and the radiuses they can reach.

On-site Access and Conditions

Cranes are ideal for different applications and have their benefits and drawbacks. For instance, lattice boom crawler cranes feature the biggest load-bearing capacity; however, they must be transported and assembled on the site. Thus, they are ideal when having long-term projects that require extreme lift heights and load reach.

Additionally, tower cranes must be transported to the worksite and can be used even in tightly confined areas. However, you must have proper road access to the construction site as you must use mobile cranes for assembling the tower crane. For small and easily accessible construction projects, HTCs should be used.

The Crane Rental Company

Make sure to choose a reputable rental company in California that is stocking high-quality, well-maintained cranes. Take your time researching various companies and compare the kinds of cranes they have, the services they offer, and the rental costs.

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