Building the Party Atmosphere – How to Plan a Birthday Party on a Budget

Birthdays are a lot of fun, and if you are planning on throwing a big birthday bash for a friend, spouse, or family member, there is no need to worry if you are living on a strict budget. There is a lot of pressure to succeed when throwing a birthday party, especially if it is a surprise party or you are living within strict budgets on a weekly basis. It is sometimes hard to countenance spending big money on a party when you are struggling to make ends meet, but you do not have to worry; there is a way to plan for a big birthday party without spending big money to do so.

Choose a Venue

Depending on how many guests you have in mind for the party, you can tailor your budget accordingly. Some places will allow you a cheap (or free) space if they can guarantee a certain amount of guests that will be using the bar to buy drinks and snacks during the party. In other places you could maybe hire out a hall and have a Bring Your Own Drinks policy for the party itself. In other cases, a small shindig could be successfully held at your home if there is enough space, saving on the budget.

Plan Ahead

You know exactly when the birthday is in the year, and the likely date of a party, so it is easy to plan ahead effectively. There will be things that you know you’ll need to buy, so keep an eye out for bulk buys, sales and discounts on snacks and drinks, party hats and games, banners and balloons, napkins and other paraphernalia. The better and the longer you plan ahead for, the cheaper you’ll be able to make the party overall.

Choose Party Games Wisely

Depending on the age of the birthday and the number of guests it doesn’t have to cost you loads to entertain. For kids birthday parties there might be the added cost of something like a bouncy castle or a clown, but in most cases kids are happy left to their own devices with some music and some simple games, such as musical chairs etc. For adults, charades and popular games such as Twister or the more macabre Cards Against Humanity can provide laughter and fun for everyone without it costing the earth.

Play DJ

One area of a party that can sometimes be tricky is the music. There will be people with varying musical tastes as party guests and it can be expensive to hire a professional DJ. One way around this is to create a party playlist on a streaming service such as Apple Music or Spotify, and maybe make it open to guests to add one or two of their favourite tracks. Make sure it is upbeat and that there is a dance floor ready for some shapes to be thrown!

As you can see, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to throw a birthday bash for your loved one. Think ahead, plan accordingly and make fun without spending the big bucks and you’ll have a great time celebrating. Short term loans can be help, but remember consider your options carefully before applying.

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