Avoid These 5 Mistakes While Hiring Wedding Film Companies!

Creating the perfect wedding film is a craft that demands experience, expertise and understanding of latest video tech & trends. If you are looking for wedding videographers for your big day, you need to keep this basic thing in mind. No matter the kind of wedding you want, it must be captured right, and the role of a wedding film company is indispensable. When you take a decision, make sure to avoid these below-mentioned mistakes.

  1. Don’t look for the cheapest quote

Yes, there are wedding film companies that can create a video for $500, but that is likely to be an amateur video. Quality and expertise are key aspects to consider when you look at the price. Some companies charge $2,000 or more, because their work is worth that. For instance, if you check Reverent Wedding Films video gallery, you will realize the kind of big and small weddings they have covered, which justifies their experience.

  1. Don’t rush

Many couples make the mistake of waiting until the last fortnight to select a wedding videographer. When you are in a rush, you don’t have time for either discussions or negotiations. In fact, you may have to pay more for a premium service. We recommend that you start looking for services and portfolios, as soon as the date is sealed.

  1. Don’t miss out on the contract

Having a clear & transparent contract with your wedding videographer is an absolute must. The contract outlines what’s included in the package. Most companies can customize the package to suit your needs and expectations, but all details must be on paper. For example, if they are going to do a demo shoot, the same must be written in the contract.

  1. Don’t ask to copy someone’s wedding

Well, it’s easy to get tempted by someone else’s wedding film, but don’t ask your videographer to copy the work. Your wedding is your private journey, and it’s best to keep it that way. You may share themes, or discuss the kind of film you expect, but copying is a strict no-no.

  1. Don’t micro-manage

It may seem necessary to have a hands-on approach to your wedding, but do not micro-manage the wedding film company. They are being hired for their craft and expertise (not equipment and cameras!), and they don’t need directions every now and then. The discussions must be done before the contract is signed.

Finally, have fun, and let the wedding videographers do their job.

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