The Ultimate Packing Hacks That You Will Be Thankful For

Before you move, packing your belongings can be a true headache if you try it independently. And it is going to be expensive if you get it wholly done by professionals. Hence the trick is to take some packing jobs in your hand while leaving some to the experts. While packing your books, clothes and upholstery might not need much supervision, here are some takeaways to conduct some more packing on your own, without any hassles.

Preventing the Spill

Perhaps, the biggest annoyance that you face is the spill of the bottled liquids while unpacking. You can avoid the spill with some tiny tricks:

  1. Remove and unscrew the cap of the liquid bottles that you are already using. Keep a plastic piece in between the open container and its cap. Next, screw back the cap.
  2. Use a garbage bag to line your packing boxes. This would “waterproof” them. Keep your bottles and containers that contain different types of oils and liquid. Next, tightly tie up the bag. Carefully use tapes around the box, as well as on the knot for sealing.

Need A Bigger Box?

You need not request extra big boxes for the home movers in Toronto or frantically search for big enough boxes to hold bulky items. You can prepare one of them without much problem. Simply take two standard cardboard boxes of identical size—slide one box over the other. Open the bottom of the box that you put on the top. Now that you have a perfectly fitting, big size box, all you need to do is tape the bottom and the sides. Take some time, and care to make it, though.

Packing Your Pantry Essentials

Do not waste the spaces that you have inside the pans and pots. Use the place to keep your spices and condiments. However, keep some sheets of packing papers in between. This can prevent unnecessary cracking and smacking of the glass containers. Similarly, you can roll up the smaller kitchen utensils and cutlery in packing paper.

Keeping Your Electronics Safe

Several homeowners tend to hire movers in Toronto, especially to pack the electronics. Dissembling and re-installing the electrical devices in your home can be tricky, especially when you are not tech-savvy. However, here is a small trick that you can apply. Take a picture of the back of your devices before you disassemble. Also, keep a tiny sandwich bag to keep the nuts, bolts and screws of the device, and carefully tape it on the device to which it belongs.

Conclusion —

Packing can be a stressful job. But it can be a snap when you plan practically, manage some jobs with smart moves and get the assistance of a reliable and friendly moving company. Let’s Get Moving ( has been in this business for quite a while and has earned applauds for its versatile service at competitive prices. Should you have any questions or any apprehension, the company’s support staff is just a call or a click away.

Make the smart choice and call your moving company now!

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