Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery

The industrial sector is heavily impacted by equipment downtime and the associated maintenance costs, as vividly illustrated in the attached infographic. U.S. factories alone lose an estimated $50 billion annually due to unplanned equipment downtimes, with each hour of downtime costing around $260,000. Scheduled maintenance requires an average of 19 hours per week, and nearly half of North American companies spend a significant portion of their operating budget on equipment maintenance and cleaning.

The infographic underscores the critical importance of modernizing maintenance practices by adopting advanced technologies. Highlighted solutions include maintenance-free clamp on ultrasonic flow meters, IIoT-enabled advanced control systems, AI-driven predictive maintenance programs, and augmented reality monitoring tools.

These innovations promise to reduce downtime, cut maintenance costs, and improve overall equipment performance. By visualizing these compelling statistics and solutions, the infographic provides a clear roadmap for industrial manufacturers looking to enhance their operational efficiency and reduce the financial impact of maintenance and downtime.

Low- Or No-Maintenance Industrial Machinery was provided by Emerson

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