EMA license regulation and legislation


EMA license is very important to make sure that safety measures are taken and adhered to when installing electricity across factories and industries as well. Places that must be regulated include the hospitality industry, healthcare, data centers, telecommunication, petrochemicals, and all industries. There are key regulations and legislation factors that must be considered. They include

The responsibilities of the licensed electric worker

When you are acquiring the EMA license, you must make sure that you have an installer for is licensed and who has been in the field for a long time. This is important to make sure that electricity is installed in a manner that complies with the authority. You must also make sure that the installation is inspected regularly for safety and advisory reasons.

EMA license renewal

You must always make an application to renew ema license before it expires. There are charges that you will inquire about as you renew your license. You can visit the EMA license and do fill the forms to renew ema license.

Why do you need an EMA license?

Consumers using specified electric installations that are non-domestic will require the EMA license and licensed electric workers to ensure that the installations are safe to use.

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